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Environmental Impact Report

Established in 2015, and based in South Wales, Apollo Wales provides a decorating, cleaning and maintenance service for commercial and domestic properties.

Apollo operates throughout the UK and the range of professional services we provide include; 

Decorating, Maid Service and Domestic Cleaning, End of Tenancy and Post Build Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Student Cleaning and Mould Removal.

We consider our main environmental impacts to be cleaning and decorating materials, transport and energy use. Apollo is committed in minimising the impact of its activities on the environment and using resources in a sustainable way. To achieve our objectives Apollo Wales will:

Comply with environmental legislation and codes of practice that is relevant to Apollo.
Apollo will demonstrate a commitment to the prevention of pollution and adverse impacts on the environment. For example, Apollo are committed to using cleaning products that are eco friendly, cruelty free and not tested on animals, manufactured from natural products and meeting vegan criteria wherever possible. 
We will actively promote reduce, reuse and recycling and strive to achieve “zero landfill”. For example, to minimise the disposal of plastic materials we will refill and reuse plastic bottles. To avoid surplus materials being purchased we use laser technology to accurately measure room dimensions and calculate precisely the amount of materials required for our services.   
Apollo will monitor and measure its impact on the environment and set targets for continual improvement. 
We will look for our suppliers to minimise their environmental impacts and will seek to only do business with companies that meet our environmental criteria.
We will support the local economy through purchasing goods locally where possible and to minimise the use of transport we seek to employ local staff wherever practicable.  
Apollo will apply the principles of continuous improvements and will look to spread the message of sustainable living and environmentally friendly behaviour to all our clients and stakeholders.

Apollo will annually review our environmental policy, organisational practices, and changes in legislation and our achievements in meeting environmental performance targets.    


Jack Powell


Apollo Wales

Birkenhaus Corporation Limited

Please note that a copy of an in depth Environmental Report maybe requested if required. Spillage procedures are listed on the 'Team' Section.